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Cold, Flu and RTIs

Viruses such as colds and flu are among the most common respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in the UK. They affect virtually everyone at some point and are certainly not a pleasant experience.


While most RTIs will usually go away by themselves, if your symptoms persist, our GPs will be able to diagnose whether this could be a sign of a more serious problem and give you the help and treatment advice you need to get better.

While many RTIs will disappear on their own within a few days and can be managed with painkillers and plenty of fluids, if you’re at all concerned by your symptoms, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of our GPs.

We’re available from 7am until 8pm every day. Alternatively, you can book a timeslot that fits around your schedule.

During your consultation, you’ll be asked to outline your symptoms in order for our GPs to provide an accurate diagnosis. If your RTI is more serious, they can prescribe the medication you need to get better. You’ll be able to collect this medicine from a local pharmacy.

If your symptoms suggest you need to see a specialist for further advice, our GPs are able to write you a referral letter.