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If you’re struggling to cope with stress, depression or any mental health issue, seeing a GP should be your priority.

Our doctors are experienced practitioners in both mental and physical care.

They'll listen to you, talk about your mental health issues and diagnose their probable causes. If needed, they can prescribe medication to help you start feeling better.

Whether the pressures of day-to-day life are getting to you, you’re feeling bereaved after a personal loss or think you may be depressed - our GPs are here to help.

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Failing to control anger can lead to serious health problems.
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A frequent feeling of fear or uneasiness.
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Symptoms include a constant low mood and feelings of hopelessness.
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Difficulty dealing with a loss in your life.
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Trouble getting a good night's sleep.
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Intense feelings of fear in certain situations.
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An irrational fear of something that can hinder your everyday life.
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Mood Swings
A rapidly changing mood on a day-to-day basis.
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Unusual attention to one activity, such as repeated hand-washing.
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Quitting Smoking
Build an effective strategy for giving up smoking .
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Too much stress can affect you mentally and physically.
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Substance Abuse
A dependency on a certain substance, often an illegal drug.
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Eating Disorder
Includes both undereating and overeating.
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How our doctors can help

Our doctors can talk through whatever problem you’re experiencing - suggest the best course of treatment and provide recommendations on how to proceed. If needed, our GPs can prescribe medication to help treat your problem and refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist.


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