Female Pattern Baldness

Despite the fact that hair loss in both genders is linked to genetics, there’s arguably more of a stigma attached to female hair loss, which means many women find it a distressing and traumatic experience.

Our doctors are here to help. They’ll listen to your symptoms, examine your hair and provide sensitive, practical advice to deal with the problem.

The symptoms of female hair loss are not that much different to male hair loss. You may notice your hair thinning, or bald spots developing. Female pattern baldness can affect women of any age, although it’s more likely in women over 65.

The hair loss may become noticeable over time, or it can progress quite suddenly. Hair loss and thinning are the two main signs.

Minoxidil lotion has proved to be an effective way to treat hair loss. While there’s no guarantee it’ll work for everyone, regular use can slow down or stop hair loss, thicken hair, and in 25% of cases hair can even grow back.

It can take several months to see any effect when using minoxidil, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results straight away.

If it’s not possible to stop your hair loss, it’s important you don’t suffer in silence if it’s bothering you. Many women feel that their hair is a part of their identity, so it’s natural to be upset if this is lost. There are many ways to manage the mental side of hair loss, from support groups and counselling to simply talking to a doctor about what you’re going through.

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