What we can help with

We can treat almost everything a traditional GP can, providing prescriptions, sick notes and referral letters for a whole host of conditions.

How it works

How a consultation works


See a doctor face-to-face through video, all without having to come into the surgery.


Use the camera on your phone, tablet or laptop to photograph visible symptoms, either before or during the consultation.


Being able to listen and understand you helps to manage your symptoms in the best way possible.


The doctor may ask you to feel or move the body part you are concerned about to help confirm their diagnosis.

Conditions we treat

Some of the most common conditions we treat day in, day out.

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How we deal with medication

GP assessment

During your consultation, our GP will discuss the most appropriate management plan for your symptoms with you. If medication is needed for you to get better, your GP may provide you with a prescription.

Customer experience

Our Customer Experience team will ask whether you would rather your prescription was sent directly to your local pharmacy for collection, or to you personally to take to a pharmacy of your choice.

Our approach to prescribing

Our GPs will always have your best interests in mind, recommending the medication that is is most suitable for your symptoms. They do so with evidence-based practice to make sure you are treated safely and effectively.

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Patient safety is our highest priority, and as such, we regularly review the medications that we prescribe on our service, making sure to meet best practice and continue providing safe care to every last one of our patients.

Meet our doctors

GMC-registered doctors, supported by medical and pharmacy officers along with a data protection and information governance team.


Dr Kavil Patel

GMC number: 7138776

Dr Patel is a practicing GP in London. He prides himself on providing patient-centered, efficient consultations through Push Doctor.


Dr Shamsul Kelman

GMC number: 7133619

Dr Kelman has been consulting for Push Doctor for over a year. He also consults in several practices around the North West.


Dr Sarah Marshall

GMC number: 3302949

Known as ‘Dr Sarah’ or simply ‘Sarah’ to her patients, Dr Marshall has been operating as a GP within NHS and private surgeries for more than two decades.