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Causes, Responses & How to Control Anger

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It’s normal to feel angry from time to time, but when anger runs out of control, it can be a serious problem.

As well as negatively affecting the people around you, your relationships and even your job, frequent bouts of anger can cause a range of physical issues, like high blood pressure and heart problems.

Our doctors have years of experience in dealing with all sorts of mental health issues, so if you think you might be experiencing excessive anger - don’t put off talking about your problem.

Push Doctor’s GPs can talk through the issues you’re experiencing, diagnose your condition and recommend a course of treatment to help you deal with your anger effectively.

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Anger issues can be a problem
Causes of anger

What Causes Anger Problems?

Anger is an emotion we’ve evolved as a response to threatening situations and while it served our ancestors well back in the Stone Age - it can be a problematic reaction when it comes to dealing with the complex demands of modern society.

Becoming angry gets your body ready for action - putting it into ‘fight or flight’ mode. And while this is a normal response, if it occurs too often it can put all sorts of strains on your body. Anger causes your brain to release adrenaline, leading to a faster heartbeat, heightened breathing and sweating.


In the past, this enabled us to think on our feet and react quickly to dangerous situations. However, it can often mean we don’t think things through properly and end up doing things we come to regret later.
What causes feelings of anger differs from person to person - and can range from road rage to being annoyed at yourself because of personal failings or reflecting on bad memories.
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Responses to Anger

How people respond to feelings of anger differs greatly. Some tend to take it out on others, shouting, swearing and even expressing their anger physically.

Others turn it on themselves and experience feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing.

It’s important to learn techniques to cope properly with anger, since letting it run out of control can lead to a range of knock-on problems - both physical and mental.

See a Doctor About Anger Issues
Anger responses can be physical

Controlling Your Anger

It’s recommended that you talk to a GP and seek help for anger management if:

  • You are constantly frustrated or angry and unable to calm down
  • Your anger has led to criminal activity
  • You find yourself unable to control your temper around people
  • You find yourself having problems in personal relationships
  • You are unable to hold down a job because of anger issues
  • Your anger has resulted in physical violence

Our doctors can provide effective advice to help you get to grips with anger, or any other mental health issues you might be experiencing:

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