How it works

Seeing a clinician with Push Doctor is just like seeing a traditional clinician in a face-to-face environment, but so much more comfortable and convenient.

Create an account

Sign up for an account in minutes, either on our website or by downloading our app.

Not if you don't want to, however this will depend on what device you are using to consult. If you are using a laptop or a computer, then you can have your digital consultation via the web page. If you are using a mobile phone to consult though, you will need to download the app to have the best experience.

You can still use Push Doctor through our website. You lose nothing by doing so, we only show the experience of using Push Doctor on a smartphone screen because that is the most popular option for patients.

Book an appointment

See a doctor the same day, or another day entirely, at a time and place to suit you.

Your consultation is completely private and confidential, just as it would be in your own surgery, with SSL technology encrypting and protecting all information transmitted through our platform.

Our GPs can treat almost all of the physical and mental health conditions that traditional GPs can. Our What We Treat page breaks down the specifics, but nine out of ten of our patients get the help they need first time.

See a doctor online

Speak to a GMC-registered doctor entirely by video, or by video and text chat.

You’ll speak to one of our NHS-trained UK GPs over video or text chat. Just like in a traditional consultation, you will discuss your symptoms, medical history and any other details you want to make the doctor aware of.

Either in our app or on our website. Get started by signing into your account and briefly entering the virtual waiting room. When the doctor is ready for you, they will quickly ask you to present some ID and confirm some personal details. Once you have done that, your appointment will start.

Your Push Doctor guide

Looking to book an appointment with us for the first time? We do things a little differently to your traditional GP practice, so if you’re unsure about the process simply follow this step-by-step guide where we’ll take you through everything you need to know.

Can we treat you?

We can treat many of the same conditions that traditional surgeries can, but if you want to be completely sure, let us put your mind at rest.

Learn more about what we can treat

Frequently asked questions on how our service works

You can enter our online waiting room up to 30 minutes before your appointment. Have your ID ready, as the doctor might ask to see it at the start of your consultation.

Using the app: If you're on an Apple or Android device, you can use the Push Doctor app for your consultation. Just sign in, and tap the Push Doctor logo in the middle of your screen to enter the waiting room.

Using your computer: If you're on your desktop or laptop, sign in on using a new version of Google Chrome or Safari. Head to the 'Appointments' section, where you'll be prompted to enter your consultation.

90% of our customers find that a 10-minute consultation is all they need to resolve their issue. That's why our appointments are available in 10-minute blocks.

If you're registered with one of our partner surgeries, aged 18 or over, have a valid UK address and a UK mobile number, you can sign up and book a Push Doctor appointment.

Children and young people aged 2-17 are also able to use our NHS service when accompanied by a legal parent or guardian - please see here for more information about child consultations.

You will be required to show appropriate identification before your appointment can go ahead. Forms of ID that we accept include:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence/Provisional driving licence
  • UK Disabled Driver card
  • Military ID card

While waiting for your doctor to connect, you will be invited to either upload a picture of your ID or take an all new picture there and then – leaving more time for your GP to diagnose and advise. Please note that the ID image will be deleted immediately after your consultation has ended.

Push Doctor should NOT be used in urgent situations or medical emergencies.

If you think that your situation, or someone else's, is or might become an emergency, you should IMMEDIATELY STOP using (or trying to use) the service and call 999.

You should also CALL 999 in a critical or life-threatening situation, such as if someone has:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Severe bleeding
  • Severe chest pain
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Acute confused state
  • Fits/seizures that aren’t stopping

  • If you or someone else is having what you believe to be a heart attack or stroke, you should CALL 999 immediately.

    Go STRAIGHT TO NHS ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY if you think you or someone else is in an urgent or emergency medical situation - you should not use Push Doctor in situations like these.

If you're using an iOS (Apple) device, either click here or search for 'Push Doctor' in the App Store.

If you're using an Android device, either click here or search for 'Push Doctor' in Google Play.

You're also able to consult using the Google Chrome browser on your laptop.

If you need a clinician of a specific gender, you can contact our Patient Experience team on 0330 808 4702. If so, try to book an appointment with at least 30 minutes notice to give our Patient Experience team time to help.

Push Doctor is an online only service. So, if our doctors think you need a physical examination, you'll be referred to your local GP or local services in your area.

This could include blood pressure checks, inoculations or a closer physical examination.

Our clinicians are able to consult with children and young people aged 2-17 through NHS consultations, if accompanied by a legal parent or guardian.

For full terms and conditions regarding child consultations, please click here.

You can use most desktops and laptops for Push Doctor consultations, as long as they have a webcam, microphone and speakers. Make sure you're running on a new version of Google Chrome or Safari for the best experience.

Compatible Apple mobile devices running iOS 9 and above these devices include: iPhone 4s and above, iPad Mini 2, iPod Touch (5th Generation), iPad 2 and above. Get the iOS app from the App store. Some older generation devices are no longer compatible (iPhone 4).

Android devices must be running on 4.4 (KitKat) or newer. Get the Android app from the Google Play store.

Yes you can.

In your video consultation there will be a chat box at the bottom of your screen where you can speak to your doctor using text.

Once you enter the consultation, type the doctor a message so that he or she knows to speak to you over the chat.

If you’ve got any questions before booking or entering your consultation, you can speak to our customer experience team over web chat every day between 9am and 8pm.