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GP appointments available 7 days a week for you and your family

Service available to anyone in the UK or UK residents when abroad

£49 per appointment

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What the £49 price includes

Doctors on demand

Talk to a doctor anytime between 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week. All you need is a mobile or tablet.

Same day prescriptions

We will work with your local Pharmacy, so your prescription can be collected on the same day.*
At the Doctor’s discretion, we may be able to provide a prescription of your repeat medication, up to a total of 1 month.
Some medication may only be prescribed if you are registered with an NHS GP and we are able to inform them of the supply. A prescription will be provided at the doctors discretion.

*Medication will be required to be paid for on collection and collection availability will vary on your local Pharmacy opening times.

Private Referrals to see a Specialist

Our referral letters are open referral letter’s and can be taken to see a specialist.

Records in sync

By agreeing to share your records, notes made in your consultation will be available to your local surgery.

Instant private fit note

for a maximum of 2 weeks (commonly known as sick note)*
*A fit note is a document that can be provided to your employer if you are unable to work or can work within set limits due to a condition. We do not provide or complete any other documentation (Eg. fitness to work / fit to fly / travel insurance)
Fit notes provided by any private provider within the UK are not legally enforceable meaning that your employer can refuse to accept it, if you wish to receive a fit note you do so understanding the above and that no refund will be offered.

How a video consultation works


Use the camera on your phone or tablet to photograph visible symptoms, either before or during the consultation.


See a doctor face-to-face through video, all without having to come into the surgery.


Being able to listen and understand you helps to manage your symptoms in the best way possible.


The doctor may ask you to feel or move the body part you are concerned about to help confirm their diagnosis.

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