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Also known as catarrh or a blocked nose, nasal congestion can occur with a wide variety of medical issues, from colds and flu to allergies such as hay fever.

Any condition that causes your nasal cavities to narrow may also be to blame. For example, nasal polyps are swellings that occur in the nostrils or sinuses.

In most cases, it’ll go away when the illness that’s causing it clears up, but if you’re struggling to shake off your nasal congestion, one of our experienced doctors will be able to help you.

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Symptoms of Nasal Congestion

Apart from the obvious, a blocked nose causes a number of other minor issues that can be distracting and get in the way of everyday life.

  • Constantly feeling the need to clear your throat
  • Coughing
  • Headache
  • Feeling of mucus running down your throat
  • Problems with your sense of smell
  • Trouble sleeping

Treatment for Nasal Congestion

In most cases, treating the underlying condition that’s causing your blocked nose will be enough to get rid of it. That’s why your doctor’s first port of call will likely be to treat your blocked nose as a symptom and investigate it further.

Conditions such as flu will clear up on their own, while an allergy may be more easy to manage with medication.

Our doctors can also recommend some things you can do at home to ease your symptoms, such as:

  • Drinking water, particularly when you feel the need to clear your throat
  • Avoiding dry air, such as in rooms where there’s air conditioning or central heating on
  • Staying away from anything that you know will give you a blocked nose, such as foods, environments, or animals that cause allergies

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If you’re at all unsure about how to deal with your blocked nose, it can be frustrating waiting weeks to see a doctor when you just need a quick answer now.

Our doctors are here from 7am until 10pm every day, with appointments available in just six minutes.

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