Meet our Doctors

Every one of our doctors is registered with the General Medical Council, and can be found on the NHS National Performers List, so you know you are only ever receiving the best possible care and advice.

Dr Sarah Marshall

Known as 'Dr Sarah' or simply 'Sarah' to her patients, Dr Marshall has maintained warm, caring relationships with her patients throughout the more than two decades she has worked as a GP. Catering to both NHS and private patients, both in-person and over video chat through Push Doctor, Dr Marshall keeps up with the latest and greatest trends in medicine – doing whatever it takes to best serve her patients.

GMC-registered Doctor

GMC number: 3302949

Dr Petr Valasek

Dr Valasek graduated from Charles University, Prague in 2000. He has been in the UK since 2001, first doing a PhD in Developmental Biology and Anatomy and later Clinical Medicine, where he experienced GP work and fell in love with it immediately. Apart from being practising GP, both online and offline, he regularly lectures medical students in Anatomy and General Practice.

GMC-registered Doctor

GMC number: 6037643

Dr Usama Mia

Dr Mia is a GP with 10 years of experience, training in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands before moving to Manchester and joining Push Doctor. Dr Mia's special interests include minor surgery, diabetes management, sports medicine and join injections, and he has elected to run a series of clinics in these areas to share his knowledge and experience – going far beyond his typical remit as a GP.

GMC-registered Doctor

GMC number: 6103129

Dr Shamel El-Hayani

A qualified doctor since 1992, Dr El-Hayani has been a serving his local community as a urgent care GP since 2006. As his title suggests, urgent care is Dr El-Hayani's speciality as a GP, a notion cemented by him gaining a Masters degree in the area from the University of Brunel in 2013, as well as his continued success treating patients at their lowest points.

GMC number: 5205666

Dr Samuel Chu

A friendly, caring GP with over a decade of experience under his belt. Dr Chu's career experience thusfar makes him perfectly equipped to advise on and treat any health concerns or problems under the sun in general practice. It is this versatility, passion and desire to do right by the patient that made Dr Chu a perfect fit for Push Doctor.

GMC-registered Doctor

GMC number: 6077068

Dr Athra Mahdi

Dr Mahdi is a GP with over 10 years of experience in out of hours service, first training to be a doctor in 1990 in Baghdad, Iraq, and bringing her expertise to Britain in 2006. Dr Mahdi became a fully registered UK GP in 2007, and as well as successfully serving patients of all ages, she works to train the next generation of GPs to this day.

GMC-registered Doctor

GMC number: 5209451

Dr Patricia Diotto

London-based and trained, Dr Diotto is a GP who has also received training in both New Zealand and Australia, working across women's health and family medicine and able to consult in Italian, Portugese and Spanish, as well as English. Dr Diotto's greatest strength, as with all of our doctors, is in providing high quality care to patients, and searching for the root cause or causes of any number of symptoms.

GMC-registered Doctor

GMC number: 6088578

Dr Rosemary Crinion

Working as a GP in the Dorset area since 2001, Dr Crinion's experience and commitment to general practice is without question. She first graduated in 1998, and has been unwavering in doing the best for her patients in the years since. Her special clinical interests include dermatology and women's health, two crucial and frequently relevant and needed areas of general practice.

GMC-registered Doctor

GMC number: 6024822