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Each and every one of our doctors is registered with the General Medical Council, and can be found on the NHS Top Performers List, so you know you are only ever receiving the best possible care and advice.

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Dr Sarah Marshall

Known as 'Dr Sarah' or simply 'Sarah' to her patients, Dr Marshall has maintained warm, caring relationships with her patients throughout the more than two decades she has worked as a GP. Catering to both NHS and private patients, both in-person and over video chat through Push Doctor, Dr Marshall keeps up with the latest and greatest trends in medicine – doing whatever it takes to best serve her patients.

GMC Number: 3302949

GMC Registered DoctorAbbreviated LinkedIn logo

Dr Amit Rama

Dr Rama is a full time GP and Clinical Lead in Leicester, leading decision making nad the formation of procedures designed to offer the best possible care to patients in the catchment area of his surgery. He has special clinical interests in Psychiatry as well as ear, nose and throat medicine. Dr Rama gained his first medical qualification in 2012 from the University of Warwick, before becoming fully qualified as a GP in 2017.

GMC Number: 7285534

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Kiran Sodha

Dr Sodha works as a GP and university clinical tutor in London.

GMC Number: 7075298

GMC Registered DoctorAbbreviated LinkedIn logo

Dr Kavil Patel

Dr Patel is a practicing GP in London. He prides himself on providing patient-centered, efficient consultations through Push Doctor.

GMC Number: 7138776

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Dr Shiraz Malik

Dr Malik graduated from University College London in 2005 and completed his GP training in 2010. He is now a partner at an NHS practice rated as 'outstanding' by the CQC. This resulted from his practice-wide focus on easy access and professional, yet compassionate care – something that he aims to deliver on through his online Push Doctor consultations, as well as in-person.

GMC Number: 6130005

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Prudence Knight

A GP since 2013, and an online doctor for as long as we can remember. Dr Knight has been an invaluable addition to our team, always the first to proudly represent Push Doctor in press pieces asking for our input, and perhaps one of the doctors most frequently praised by our patients. Dr Knight's special interests as a GP include family medicine and mental health.

GMC Number: 6163582

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Shamsul Kelman

Dr Kelman has been consulting for Push Doctor for over a year, believing online consultations to play a crucial role in the future of online healthcare, not just in the UK but throughout the world too. At the same time, Dr Kelman consults in several practices around the North West, both during traditional surgery hours, and in out of hours capacities.

GMC Number: 7133619

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Aslan Mirza

Dr Mirza is a full time GP Partner in a large rural practice in Kent. He qualified in 2005 from Guy's, King's and St. Thomas' School of Medicine with Distinction, and has been a GP since 2010. He says of working for Push Doctor: "Providing healthcare is a real privilege and I look forward to delivering this via new technologies such as the PushDr platform."

GMC Number: 6120872

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Samuel Chu

A friendly, caring GP with over a decade of experience under his belt. Dr Chu's career experience thusfar makes him perfectly equipped to advise on and treat any health concerns or problems under the sun in general practice. It is this versatility, passion and desire to do right by the patient that made Dr Chu a perfect fit for Push Doctor.

GMC Number: 6077068

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Athra Mahdi

Dr Mahdi is a GP with over 10 years of experience in out of hours service, first training to be a doctor in 1990 in Baghdad, Iraq, and bringing her expertise to Britain in 2006. Dr Mahdi became a fully registered GP in 2007, and as well as successfully serving patients of all ages, she works to train the next generation of GPs.

GMC Number: 5209451

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Shamel El-Hayani

A qualified doctor since 1992, Dr El-Hayani has been a serving his local community as a urgent care GP since 2006. As his title suggests, urgent care is Dr El-Hayani's major speciality as a GP, a notion cemented by him gaining a Masters degree in the area from the University of Brunel in 2013, and his continued success treating patients at their lowest points.

GMC Number: 5205666

GMC Registered DoctorAbbreviated LinkedIn logo

Dr Ashrafi Jabin

East London-based and proudly serving as a GP for many years, Dr Jabin is a passionate, conscientious GP consistently praised for her attentiveness and attention to detail. Dr Jabin's special interests include mental health, substance misuse and women's health, making her a versatile, knowledgeable asset to our team, with over a decade of medical experience under her belt at the time of writing.

GMC Number: 5204226

GMC Registered DoctorAbbreviated LinkedIn logo

Dr Lucas Denton

Graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2012 to ultimately become a GP, Dr Denton is a long serving GP at a suburban surgery in the heart of the Midlands. Balancing an active lifestyle with a passion for offering consistently outstanding and safe care to his patients, Dr Denton is an asset to our platform, and the patients we serve through it day in, day out.

GMC Number: 7263482

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Joanna Leitch

Dr Leitch first became a doctor in 1998 with a degree from Dundee Medical School. Since then, she worked overseas in Australia, completing her GP training in the process and joining the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She returned to British shores in 2008, and has been working in and around Reading ever since. Alongside general practice, sports and musculoskeletal medicine are particular areas of interest for Dr Leitch.

GMC Number: 4547389

GMC Registered DoctorAbbreviated LinkedIn logo

Dr Patricia Diotto

London-based and trained, Dr Diotto is a GP who has also received training in both New Zealand and Australia, working across women's health and family medicine and able to consult in Italian, Portugese and Spanish, as well as English. Dr Diotto's greatest strength, as with all of our doctors, is in providing high quality care to patients, and searching for the root cause or causes of any number of symptoms.

GMC Number: 6088578

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Katie Keltie

A conscientious and caring GP that first qualified in 2008 from the University of Bristol, formally becoming a GP in 2015. A relatively new addition to our platform, Dr Keltie joined Push Doctor as a way to better serve a wider ranger of patients. Case in point, although Dr Keltie is primarily based in South Yorkshire, by working through Push Doctor she can reach patients anywhere in the country – all they need is an internet connection.

GMC Number: 7016685

GMC Registered Doctor

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