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Each and every one of our doctors is registered with the General Medical Council, and can be found on the NHS Top Performers List, so you know you are only ever receiving the best possible care and advice.

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All of our doctors are specialist GPs who work in the NHS


They are the first point of contact for most medical issues you may have.

Our doctors are experienced in treating both male and female patients.

You can check a doctors GMC number with the medical register.
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Dr Sarah Marshall

Known as ‘Dr Sarah’ or simply ‘Sarah’ to her patients, Dr Marshall has been operating as a GP within NHS and private surgeries for more than two decades.

GMC Number: 4192497

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Amit Rama

Dr Rama is a full time GP in Leicestershire. He has a special interest in psychiatry as well as Ear, Nose & Throat medicine.

GMC Number: 7285534

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Kiran Sodha

Dr Sodha works as a GP and university clinical tutor in London.

GMC Number: 7075298

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Kavil Patel

Dr Patel is a practicing GP in London. He prides himself on providing patient-centered, efficient consultations through Push Doctor.

GMC Number: 7138776

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Shiraz Malik

Dr Malik graduated from UCL in 2005 and completed his GP training in 2010. He is now a partner at an NHS practice which has received an outstanding result from the CQC.

GMC Number: 6130005

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Prudence Knight

Dr Knight has been a GP since 2013. She is particularly interested in family medicine and mental health.

GMC Number: 6163582

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Shamsul Kelman

Dr Kelman has been consulting for Push Doctor for over a year. He also consults in several practices around the North West.

GMC Number: 7133619

GMC Registered Doctor

Dr Aslan Mirza

Dr Mirza is a full time GP Partner in a large rural practice in Kent. He has been a GP since 2010. He has a special interest in Digital Healthcare.

GMC Number: 6120872

GMC Registered Doctor

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