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What is a Sore Throat?

A sore throat (sometimes referred to as 'pharyngitis') is a fairly common illness.

They're usually caused by a viral infection, but can sometimes be caused by the streptococcus bacteria. This is where the term 'strep throat' comes from.

A sore throat is often a symptom of a broader medical issue, such as a cold, cough or flu, but they can occur on their own too.

Sore throats don’t tend to last very long and most people will recover fully within a week. However, if your sore throat isn't going away or is particularly uncomfortable, our doctors can help you feel better.

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Sore Throat Symptoms

Since sore throats can be caused by either viruses or bacteria, there are a number of possible symptoms. symptoms. These may occur alongside other issues, or on their own. 

Some of the most common sore throat symptoms include:

  • Pain in the throat
  • Pain and/or discomfort when swallowing
  • Swollen or tender glands in the neck

You may also experience:

Unsure if these are your symptoms?

As sore throats are so common, it can be tempting to try and tough it out until it goes away.

With Push Doctor, those days are over. Instead, you can get an appointment in minutesand get the help or treatment you need to get rid of your sore throat as quickly as possible.

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Sore Throat Treatment

The treatment for your sore throat will depend on whether it was caused by a virus, or by the streptococcus bacteria.

Our GPs will discuss your symptoms with you and work out what the correct treatment is.

Our doctors can recommend a range of steps to manage your symptoms and deal with the cause of your sore throat.

Antibiotics may only be prescribed if your sore throat is caused by a bacterial infection. Strep throat is generally more painful and lasts longer than a sore throat caused by a virus, so our GPs can provide a prescription if needed.

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What Causes Sore Throats?

Sore throats can be either viral or bacterial.

If it's viral, a sore throat is likely a symptom of the virus you've caught from someone else, such as the flu.

These viruses are passed from person-to-person by direct contact, such as coughs and sneezes, or indirect contact, such as touching a surface that's been touched by an infected person.

If it's bacterial, your sore throat has likely been caused by the streptococcus bacteria.

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