Colds and flus are among the most common viral infections in the world, affecting your nose, throat and lungs.

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Most people will get a cold at least once a year and while it usually isn’t serious - it can feel awful. While there’s no cure, there are plenty of treatments that can help you cope with the symptoms and you’ll usually start feeling better within a week.

In the early stages, the flu can feel similar to a cold, with each causing a runny nose and sore throat. However, while a cold tends to build up gradually, flu tends to hit quite suddenly.

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Cold: Symptoms

  • Blocked and runny nose
  • Pain in the nose and sinuses
  • Sneezing
  • Feeling bunged up
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
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How long does a cold last?

Onset: 1-3 Days

During this period, you’ll begin to notice a cold coming on. You’ll start to feel generally unwell, sometimes with a ‘fuzzy’ feeling in your head and will start experiencing a blocked and runny nose. Many people will also develop a cough during this period.

Recovery: 4-7 days

You should start feeling better within a week, although it may take children a little more time to recover.

However, if you’ve got a cough - this can take a few weeks to go away.

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treatment & remedies for a cold

Cold: Treatment & Remedies

Treatment of a cold is difficult as antibiotics do not work. The best remedy is to stay hydrated and rest yourself.

You can also try some other home remedies to help soothe your symptoms and make you feel better.

If conditions persist or get worse seek the advice of one of our GPs at Push Doctor.

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