Common Patient Objections

It’s understandable that some patients may be reluctant to use a new digital service for their appointments.

On the right we have listed common objections our practice staff have reported, and some simple responses that will help you resolve these patient concerns.


While your usual doctor is extremely booked up, you’ll be seen much quicker via Push Doctor. All of the clinicians come highly recommended and are on the NHS Performers List, meaning they meet the same high standards you expect from our own doctors.

Push Doctor clinicians will gain access to your NHS medical record for the duration of your consultation only. They will be able to add to your medical record as your normal doctor would do.

Around 90% of conditions can be treated digitally via Push Doctor. You’ll also be seen much quicker, and if the clinician has any doubts you will always be referred to us for a face-to-face appointment.

Push Doctor is very simple to use, in fact patients aged in their 90s are among those that have had a successful consultation. It really is a service for everyone, but if you do need a hand, the Push Doctor patient experience team can guide you through it over the phone.

Push Doctor is heavily integrated and regulated by NHS England and maintains an excellent track record of data security. Additionally, consultations are not recorded and sensitive data is only saved within your medical record.

That’s absolutely no problem, you can also use a laptop, computer, or tablet as long as the device has microphone and video capabilities. Some patients borrow a friend or family member’s device for their appointment if they don’t have their own.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some common questions you may have:

Yes, the patient will need to be on video for the doctor to verify their identity. It also generally improves the consultation experience.

Please email your Relationship Executive with your email address and you will receive a new link to register with the portal. Alternatively use the ‘reset password’ link on the portal if you had access previously.

Yes. Patients without a mobile phone can still use Push Doctor. They will need to use a mobile phone number of a friend / family member to receive the invitation link or be contacted during consultation should an error occur. Just note that the same number cannot be used for more than one account.

Unless same day-only bookings have been specifically requested by your practice, patients can see up to 7 days’ worth of available appointments, allowing them the flexibility to select a time and day that suits them.

With the patient's verbal consent, Push Doctor GPs are able to nominate the patient’s pharmacy of choice during the consultation via EMIS or SystmOne.

Our Patient Experience (PX) team will look out for any patient that does not attend their appointment, and will attempt to contact them via phone and/or email. Patients can also call the team on 0330 808 4702 or use our chat function on the app/website if they’re having trouble accessing the appointment or think they will miss it.

You can book unlimited appointments through Push Doctor, but you can only have one appointment booked on your account at a time. If you try and book more than one at a time, this may result in delays to your care - and we all want you to be seen as soon as possible!

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