Guide patients through their setup process


1-ImagePatient receives an invite (first-time users)

If an invite is required the patient will receive a text message with a link to the Push Doctor website.

2-ImagePatient creates an account (first-time users)

From there they can sign up for a Push Doctor account in minutes, just direct them to follow our simple instructions.

3-ImagePatient books an appointment

Your patient can decide a time and place that suits them. They can see a doctor the same day – even if it's a weekend or bank holiday.

4-ImagePatient opens waiting room

They will be notified by text before their appointment, to log in to their account, download the app and enter the virtual waiting room.

5-ImagePatients sees a doctor online

Rest assured your patient will speak to one of our GMC-registered doctors by video or text chat, whichever is easiest for them.

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