Child consultations

Our clinicians are able to consult with children and young people aged 2-17 through NHS consultations,
but there are a few guidelines that must be kept in mind.

We can only carry out appointments with children if:

The child and legal parent/guardian are both present.
Our clinicians will be shown a message to prompt additional steps to ensure the child or young person is in the safe company of a legal parent/guardian.

The parent/guardian is also registered with the same GP practice as the child.
This enables our clinicians to also view the accompanying adult’s record if appropriate.

The clinician has access to the child’s NHS record in real time.
The adult will be asked for consent to share this when booking an appointment for the first time.

The child in need of a consultation, is between the age of two and seventeen.
Any appointments made for children below the age of two will be referred to a face-to-face appointment.

How do I send an invite for a child consultation?

To invite a child, follow the usual invite process, using the account holder’s mobile number and date of birth - this is the legal parent or guardian of the child, not the child’s details.

The account holder will receive the invite, and can then select ‘my child feels unwell and needs advice’.

Please note: Child consultations are only available with our NHS partner surgeries that have agreed to make video consultations available for children. If you are unsure whether your practice is offering child consultations, please speak to your Practice Manager or Push Doctor Relationship Executive. 

What else should I know?

Required ID checks
Both the child and the parent/guardian will be subject to an ID check that complies with NHS England’s standards on ID verification. For adults, this must be a form of photographic ID, while for children this can be a passport or birth certificate.

Prioritising safety
In addition to the required ID checks, the accompanying adult may be asked further questions in order for our clinicians to safely care for the child or young person.

Emergency signs
When booking a child consultation, the adult will be shown an emergency screen, which will advise on any symptoms or signs that require a call to emergency services rather than booking a consultation.

Recorded details
For safeguarding reasons, we keep records of the adult and child present during an appointment. This is to help protect both attendees and audit personal details where necessary.