By Dr Michael Banna

A doctor's guide to weight loss, with Doctor Michael Banna

What do doctors prescribe for weight loss? Doctor Mike Banna is going to tell us.

Hello, my name is Mike, also known as Doctor Mike, the Second.

The reason I've been asked to do this is because I was chatting to the guys about New Year's Resolutions and transformations.

I would say my top tip, if you are at the beginning of such a journey, is to try to make it as easy as possible. Try to make your changes small and sustainable if you can. Don't make life harder than it needs to be, because it's hard enough.

To that end, I am currently sitting outside a supermarket. There are other supermarkets available, but this is the one I'm sitting outside. I'm going to go in and maybe show you some of my favorite diet snack hacks and see what you think of them.

Now, I suspect quite a lot of people watching will be amused by the nature of the snacks that I am recommending, as they don't really fit into the stereotypical healthy snacks that we see promoted.

There was not a single chia seed in sight. There was no coconut oil. There were no avocados. So, where do I stand in this? I've got a slightly different take on this to a lot of people which comes from my own experience.

Now, to someone with a fairly healthy diet, a lot of the snacks would have no place in their diet. They really wouldn't understand why you would want to be having things like ice gems in a diet.

But, for a lot of people who have been overweight, particularly for people who have been overweight for a very long time, their diet might have consisted of a lot of convenience type food. Not only their diet, but also their habits and lifestyles might be more in tuned with convenience type foods.

I think when you want to make changes, it is important to try and make them realistic. So if your diet is consisting of meat and vegetables, and all manner of great marvelous and healthy things, then you're unlikely to be needing to lose body fat in the first place. But in most cases, I wouldn't recommend to start eating cake fingers.

However, if you're somebody who likes cake and who likes a lot of food that is particularly high calorie, it is important to find realistic lower calorie alternatives to try replace them in order to help you stick with your diet.

Or should I say for 80% of your calories, but also allowing yourself about 20% of your calories to be foods you particularly enjoy, foods that will crush your cravings and make you less likely to not adhere to the diet.