By Dr Peter Foley

What do doctors eat, with Dr Peter Foley

Hi guys, I'm Peter Foley, DrPeterJFoley on Instagram.

The team at Push Doctor have asked me to do a piece for you today on what's inside my fridge, so what I'm going to do is give you a tour of my fridge and also show you my vegetable basket just to show you how I approach a week and what kind of food I eat.

I enjoy a very balanced diet and it helps me to keep in shape, keep mentally fit and reach my goals for sport and for work. As a GP, I see the impact of making poor lifestyle choices on a daily basis, where patients present with things like obesity, type two diabetes, and liver disease, and it shows me how important it is to make proper food choices on a daily basis.

Let's have a look at the fridge. Okay here's the fridge. We've got whole milk, creme fraiche, soft cheese, butter and eggs and we've got cheese, unflavored Greek yogurt, tomatoes, salmon, chicken, mince and plenty of veg. As you can see, plenty of balance. We've got protein, carbohydrates and fats in there.

Now a quick freezer tour, it's looking pretty bare in here. I actually like to freeze my dark chocolate (85%) and I've got some frozen ginger for when I make my curries and stir fries.

Last but not least is vegetable corner. Okay, there's plenty of seasonal veg here, we've got courgette, leeks, white cabbage, red cabbage, red onions, brussel sprouts, cabbage and spring onions and garlic.

This is my approach to food, but as the main macronutrient groups, its nutrient dense, full of flavor, full of colour, it's just lovely food.

Okay guys, it's lunch time, I'm going to make a very quick and simple omelette, just to show you guys how easy it is to eat well.

Nothing overly fancy here guys, we've got two eggs and tomatoes, cheddar cheese, spring onions and spinach, real whole food in its natural form. Look at that colour, here it is in all its glory, a simple omelet. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Guys, I hope you've enjoyed this feature about what's in a doctor's fridge. I choose to avoid refined sugars, I feel I've got a very balanced diet, full of colour, full of different flavours, with all the major food groups in there.

Guys, we're all on our own individual health journey, by eating food which is nutrient dense and fresh and full of colour and flavour, we're giving our body the energy it needs to perform at its best for us.

Have a great day.