Digestive Issues In Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a whirlwind of change for your body as it gets flooded with hormones and makes room for the developing baby.

As you’d expect, this can interfere with many of your bodily functions and digestive problems are some of the most commonly affected.

Our GPs can talk through whatever problems you’re experiencing, explore treatment options that are safe for you and your baby and help you start feeling better.

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Digestive issues while pregnant

While symptoms can often be uncomfortable, they’re usually nothing to worry about. Digestive changes are a natural part of pregnancy and in most cases, can be managed by dietary tweaks and changes.

Our doctors have a wealth of experience providing effective, expert advice on nutrition to mothers-to-be and can help you have a healthy, comfortable pregnancy.

You can book a secure video consultation from 7am until 8pm, seven days a week and discuss your digestive issues with a doctor using your smartphone, tablet or desktop device. Our average waiting time is just minutes, so you don’t need to wait to see a GP.

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