Power through freshers’ flu: Advice for students

Student health: power through freshers’ flu

In many ways, Freshers’ Flu is something of a badge of honour. Ask any former student and they’ll be only too happy to tell you why their Freshers’ Flu was worse than everyone else’s.!

You're most likely to catch Freshers' Flu because you’re out having a good time! It's a virus, which means you can catch it from being around an infected person, or from touching something they've touched, such as a door handle.

However, it's rarely serious, so don't let that stop you from going out and enjoying yourself!

If you do come down with Freshers’ Flu, you can rest assured that our doctors will be there to help you shake it off as quickly as possible.

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How to manage freshers’ flu

Try these useful tips below to manage your symptoms until the virus is out of your system. If your symptoms last longer than a couple of weeks, or they're getting in the way of your studies, it's time to see a doctor.