Mental health: Advice for students

Student health: Mental Health - Dr Adam Simon

It's not easy being a student. You're making new friends in a strange town and there's the stress of a coursework deadline breathing down your neck.

It can get on top of some people. That's normal. In fact, it might be more normal than you think.

More students than ever are dropping out due to mental health issues and we think it's time that stopped.

If you're struggling with the pressures of university life, don't keep it to yourself. Chat to one of our friendly, caring doctors online today.

Managing your mental health

There are all sorts of reasons that your mental health can be affected while you're at university. Take a look at a few of the facts and check out the advice our doctors have provided. From tips for dealing with stress to practical answers to the most frequently asked mental health questions, we've got you covered.

How can Push Doctor help you?

Find out below how our clinicians can help you with some of the problems you’re facing at university.