By Dr Sarah Bailey

How to Eat Healthy with Dr Sarah Bailey

Hello, my name is Dr Sarah Bailey, also known as The Gym Medic, on Instagram. and today I have a really exciting Instagram takeover for you all, courtesy from Push Doctor.

Hello, my name is Dr Sarah Bailey, also known as The Gym Medic, and today I have a really exciting Instagram takeover for you all, courtesy from Push Doctor.

I am working in collaboration with Push Doctor to talk about New Year's resolution from us doctors.

My aim is to give you some hints and tips on how you can make a healthy eating during the week on absolutely a breeze.

Let's make life easy for ourselves to be healthy guys, because life is easy enough already.

Whether you just want to meal prep your lunches, or whether you just like me do a shift work, this could give you just some really helpful tips to just get you started with meal prepping and just get you thinking on what things you should be fuelling your body with on a day to day basis.

Today, it's just for a jumble, for an everyday person just some hints and tips to just improve your diet really, but if you have any medical conditions, see your DP first before changing anything.

At times, nutrition can seem really, really difficult to get right. We get information from everywhere: from billboards and news, Instagram, everywhere, but today we are going to break things down to a really simple bite size chunks. Excuse the pan. I'm getting you guys started.

So let's start with carbohydrates or carbs, the dreaded word. But actually, we need them on jumble to function and process on everyday basis, so I tend to suggest whole grain carbohydrates, such as brown pasta, brown rice etc.

The sugars that are broken down from whole grains take longer to break down because there is lots of fibre in them.

However, if you eat things like white pasta, white potatoes, the sugars are broken down quite quickly, which gives you a very quickly a spike in energy, and then it drops.

There are, however, times and places where these short acting sugars are really useful, so for instance just before exercise having some raisins or having a banana that will give you a quick release of energy that will help you really perform well.

Now protein, this is another macronutrient that we have to make sure we get enough of in our lives.

You can get that from meat, fish, eggs as well, or if you are vegetarian from beans and pulses. So we can get it from lots of different places.

Protein is also building blocks of our muscles, so actually eating enough of it it means that you will recover more quickly and won't get as much of muscle pain after the gym, so if you love going, so that's a bonus here.

Now, finally, good old fat. Loads and loads headlines are released like Fats make you fat.

And actually, fats don't on their own make you fat. Eating in excess calories makes you put on weight, so don't be afraid.

Fats are vital component of our diet, because they actually have vitamins in them vitamin A, D, E and K.

So, they're really important that we eat some. But there are good fats that we ca eat such as avocado and things like nuts and seeds.

If you follow the Gym Medic, you know that I eat lots of avocado, and the main reason really that I eat such lean cuts of meat that I have to make up for my fats elsewhere in my diet, but that's just my personal preference.

Ok, right. Lots of talking. We've spoken about protein, fats and carbohydrates, our main three macronutrients. But there are also micronutrients in our diet that we need to talk about. So what are micronutrients?

These are your vitamins and minerals that are vital, they are working in your body helping to restore, function and move on an everyday basis.

They are really important. And you get these in all you food groups that I've already spoken about.

But if you just eat macronutrients and didn't eat foods like fruit, vegetables, then you wouldn't get enough of these vitamins and minerals.

Also if you're missing out on fibre in your diet and fibre is very important for your gut health.

Guys, I'm off of my chair, I'm fresh with my delivery of fruit and veg, and I'm gonna show you what I do to make my life easiest to meal prep.

When putting anything in the over, I tend to use this 1 calorie spray. Literally just makes things stop sticking in the bottom. But if you don't want to use this, this is quite light, then you can just use a water pour down in the pan.

So now I'm just going to put all my protein in the oven, leave it to cook and go away and also just put a pan of carbs on the top.

So today I'm going to cook a pan of rice and a pan of quinoa. The next tip is to pre-bake those vegetables.

Look at this. We've got chicory, we got mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli loads of stuff, and you can just literally put the over the top, throw them oven done! There is your veg for the week! Look at all these vitamins and minerals!

In true blue pizza fashion, here we go. So, we obviously got the veggies, vitamins and minerals over here, got a protein here as well, carbohydrates are already in the box you make sure you got a quinoa and the rice, and I got a bit of salad as well.

Often, healthy choices cost a lot of money, but by just thinking ahead you're gonna save that and literally jus take the stress out of your way by choosing to do this, so why not?

All this Tupperware are dishwasher proof, microwave safe, and will not leak which is great.

I have often have this special meal Tupperware, but if you can't afford then just grab a plastic box and off you go!

If you are doing this all loose way, you might want to keep track of what you're getting in your meals and there are some apps out there helping you tracking your macros, so that's checking your macronutrients right for you.

And also they're giving you level of calories you eat so you can lose weight.

Thank you all so much for joining me today! I am the Gym Medic and I hope you've enjoyed my hints and tips all about for meal prep and how to fuel your bodies this year.

If you enjoyed this today, and you want to hear more from me The Gym Medic, then head over to @thegymmedic on Instagram and I'm here all the time, so come and hear some hints and tips on nutrition, and the gym.

So come, let's go! 2018 is here. Thank you, Push Doctor, and all your following. This is Gym Medic, Dr Sarah Bailey. Over and out!