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Gonorrhoea is one of the most common STIs in the UK. It's spread through unprotected sex, but you won't always notice any symptoms.

However, leaving gonorrhoea untreated can lead to serious health complications. If you’re looking for a discreet way to get the sexual health advice you need, our GPs are here from 6am - 11pm, 7 days a week.

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What is Gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the UK. It’s spread through unprotected sexual contact.

While gonorrhoea doesn’t always cause symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible if you think you might have it. Leaving the infection untreated can cause serious complications.

Our doctors can discuss your symptoms and arrange for a test that will confirm whether or not you have gonorrhoea.

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Gonorrhoea Symptoms in Women

Nearly half of women who have gonorrhoea do not notice any symptoms.

If you do experience symptoms, they’ll usually appear within a couple of weeks and may include:

  • A green or yellow discharge from the vagina
  • Pain or burning when urinating
  • Stomach pain
  • Changes in your period
  • Vaginal bleeding between periods or after sex
  • Conjunctivitis (if infected semen or vaginal fluid has got into your eye)

If left untreated, gonorrhoea can cause a condition known as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) that affects your reproductive organs and may lead to infertility.

You’re also more likely to experience an ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when an egg is fertilised outside the womb.

Gonorrhoea in Pregnancy

If you have gonorrhoea while you’re pregnant, you are more likely to experience a miscarriage or premature birth.

The infection can also be passed to your baby. They may be born with conjunctivitis, which could lead to permanent vision damage if not treated quickly.

Unsure if these are your symptoms?

Your symptoms could indicate a number or STIs, or even something that’s nothing to do with your sexual health.

Our doctors can provide the reassurance and support you need.

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Gonorrhoea Symptoms in Men

10% of men who have gonorrhoea do not notice any symptoms.

Where symptoms do occur, you’ll usually notice one or more of the following within the first two weeks:

  • White, yellow or green discharge from the penis
  • Pain or burning when you urinate
  • A swollen foreskin
  • Testicle pain or tenderness
  • Conjunctivitis (if infected semen or vaginal fluid has got into your eye)

If gonorrhoea is left untreated, the infection can spread to your testicles and prostate. Long term, there’s a chance that this could lead to fertility problems.

Unsure if these are your symptoms?

Like many STIs, gonorrhoea may not cause symptoms. However, if you’re worried you might have it, then it isn’t worth the risk of ignoring it.

See one of our experienced online doctors confidentially today and give yourself peace of mind.

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Gonorrhoea Treatment

Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection, so it can be treated successfully with a short course of antibiotics.

The medicine is usually given as an injection, followed by a tablet. Our doctors can refer you quickly to the relevant services.

You might be able to have a second tablet instead of the injection. In this case, our doctors can prescribe the most effective antibiotic and we’ll arrange for collection from a pharmacy in your local area.

Our doctors may need to arrange a follow-up test for you, to be sure that the infection is completely gone. It’s recommended that you avoid any sexual contact until this is the case.

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What Causes Gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection caused by the gonococcus bacteria. It can be passed on through any unprotected sexual contact with the male or female genitals, including vaginal, oral and anal sex.

You can also get gonorrhoea from sharing sex toys that haven’t been washed, or if semen or vaginal fluid gets into your eye.

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