Bladder Infection in Pregnancy

Up to 10% of women will get some form of UTI during their pregnancy, of which bladder infections are among the most common. Some mums-to-be are unlucky enough to have more than one bladder infection before their baby is born.

But don’t worry, our doctors are here to support you and provide effective treatment that will deal with your symptoms as quickly as possible.

The symptoms of a bladder infection can be very uncomfortable and not too dissimilar to those you get from just being pregnant. Your urine may also contain clues that you have an infection. Look out for:

  • A burning or stinging feeling when you urinate
  • Urinating more than usual
  • A frequent urge to urinate (even if you don’t actually go)
  • Blood in your urine
  • Pain in your back or pelvis

You can find the main causes of bladder infections here. In addition, there are some factors linked to pregnancy that can increase your risk, such as:

  • Your baby pressing on your bladder as it grows
  • Maintaining your normal hygiene routines as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Your urine may become concentrated with higher levels of hormones and sugar, which is a good environment for bacteria to multiply

Our doctors may want to run some tests to confirm that you have a bladder infection and identify the bacteria that are causing it.

They can arrange for a urine sample test for you if necessary.

Our doctors will make sure you are prescribed antibiotics that will not cause any harm to you or your baby.

If you suffer from chronic bladder infections, the medication you usually take might not be safe during pregnancy. Our doctors will be able to tell you if that antibiotic is safe. If it isn’t, they will find an alternative to get you feeling better as quickly as possible.

While a bladder infection can be treated without any risk to your baby, if it’s left untreated, the infection could spread to your kidneys. They also increase the risk of preterm labor and can prevent your baby from growing normally.

Kidney infections can be a lot more serious and could put both you and your baby in danger. This is why it is so important that you see a doctor as soon as you notice any symptoms, in order to deal with the infection quickly.