Backache During Pregnancy

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Your body will go through a range of changes to accommodate your developing baby and as a common side effect, many expecting mums develop backache during pregnancy.

As you prepare for childbirth, hormone levels rise and encourage your ligaments to relax and stretch out.

Unfortunately, this can often put increased pressure on the joints of the lower back, which can lead to lower back pain during pregnancy. In some cases, this can be very intense.

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What Causes Backache During Pregnancy?

The tough, stretchy tissue that joins your bones and joints together is known as ligaments. Hormones released during pregnancy cause these to relax to accommodate your growing baby and gear you up for childbirth.

This tends to kick in at around ten weeks and can persist until after childbirth, although the experience of backache tends to differ from person to person. The most commonly affected areas are the lower back and pelvic areas , which can often be made worse by bending, lifting or sitting uncomfortably.

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Treating Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is simply part of the pregnancy process for a lot of mums-to-be and there’s nothing that can be done to completely eliminate it. However, there’s a range of steps you can take to relieve the pain in the short term.

It’s possible to minimise the effects of back pain by building up your muscle strength in the area during early pregnancy and many women swear by swimming and exercises like pilates.

Sitting and standing with proper posture can also be of benefit, while some expecting mothers turn to hot water bottles, warm baths or special maternity pillows to relieve symptoms.

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