Dizzy Spells and Faintness During Pregnancy

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Mums-to-be will experience a range of changes during the course of their pregnancy, many of which can cause irritation, discomfort and alarm.

Spells of dizziness and even fainting are very common, but not usually something to be unduly worried about.

These occur when your brain fails to get enough blood and oxygen and can often take place after getting up from a long period of lying down,

If you’re experiencing dizzy spells or faintness and are looking for practical advice on how to manage these, talk to a doctor today.

Speak to a Doctor About Dizzy Spells and Faintness

What Causes Faintness and Dizzy Spells During Pregnancy?

Fainting and dizzy spells take place when your brain suffers a temporary lack of oxygen, due to reduced blood flow.

Pregnancy hormones cause your blood vessels to relax, making you more vulnerable to dizziness – even during the very early stages of your maternity.

Dizzy spells and faintness may continue into the second and third trimesters as your expanding uterus puts more pressure on blood vessels. The chances of an attack of dizziness can be worsened by:

Not eating enough, leading to low blood sugar:
  • Lying down for too long
  • Standing up too quickly
  • Getting too hot
See a Doctor About Faintness and Dizzy Spells

Treating Dizziness and Faintness During Pregnancy

Spells of dizziness and feeling faint isn’t usually dangerous for mums-to-be, but your doctor will be able to suggest a number of ways you can reduce the severity of symptoms.

Similarly, you should speak to a doctor if you frequently experience dizzy spells, or you get them alongside:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitations (fluttering)
  • Pain in your stomach or pelvis
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting

If you’re worried about dizziness and feelings of faintness you’ve experienced during the course of your pregnancy, don’t delay – speak to a doctor today.

Speak to a Doctor About Dizzy Spells and Faintness

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