Nose and Sinus Problems in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time of change for your body, with a flood of hormones and many physical adjustments taking place to accommodate your developing baby.

As a result, you’re more prone to developing issues with your nose and sinuses during the course of your maternity.

If you’re an expectant mum experiencing these type of problems, talk to a doctor today to get them sorted out.

Our GPs have years of experience treating mums-to-be and can offer tailored advice on tackling your problems in a way that’s perfectly safe for you and your baby.


Speak to a Doctor About Nose and Sinus Problems

What Causes Nose and Sinus Problems in Pregnancy

Your hormones run wild during pregnancy, leaving you vulnerable to developing colds, nosebleeds and a range of sinus issues.

Some of the most common include:

Stuffy and blocked nose: Also known as rhinitis or sinusitis, this affects about one in five pregnant women and is thought to be caused by rising hormone levels affecting the lining of your nose and sinuses.

Nosebleeds: This swelling can cause irritation and you may find yourself constantly blowing your nose to relieve the pressure. However, the stress this places on your nose can lead to bleeding.

Allergies: Pregnancy can cause allergies to flare up and even cause sensitivity to things you’ve previously been fine with, like pollen.

Talk to a Doctor About Nose and Sinus Problems

Treating and Relieving Symptoms

Getting over nasal problems can be tricky when pregnant, since a range of common medications and treatments can’t be used.

Our doctors can provide expert advice on the best ways to relieve your symptoms and recommend treatments that won’t have any adverse effects on you or your baby.

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable nose or sinus problems during the course of your pregnancy, don’t delay – speak to a doctor today.

See a Doctor About Nose and Sinus Issues