Breast Pain During Pregnancy

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Your body goes through a variety of changes during pregnancy and your breasts are no exception.

To prepare for milk production and childbirth, many mums-to-be will experience growth in their breasts and pain and tenderness are common side effects.

In most cases, this isn’t something to worry about, however, if you’re looking for advice on how to manage your breast pain, or are experiencing any other worrying symptoms alongside it - speak to a doctor online today.

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What Causes Breast Pain During Pregnancy?

As your body grows to support your developing baby and prepare you for childbirth, you’ll begin to produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone in greater quantities.

These stimulate breast growth by causing the layer of fat to grow, as well as milk glands. Blood flow to the area will also increase to accommodate these changes and as a result, many mums-to-be experience breast pain or tenderness in pregnancy.

There’s no right or wrong way for this to happen and some women experience sudden, rapid growth, while others’ breasts will grow steadily during pregnancy. Similarly, for some women, the pain will be quite severe, while for others, it’ll be quite mild or even non-existent.


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Treating Breast Pain During Pregnancy

While there’s no cure for breast pain in pregnancy, there are a number of ways to tackle the symptoms and although growth may continue past childbirth, the pain will usually subside.

Specialist maternity bras can help provide support to your growing breasts and reduce soreness, although you may need to invest in several of varying sizes to last you through the duration of your pregnancy.

Breast pain isn’t something to worry about, but if you notice any worrying symptoms like rashes or pain in other areas - it’s well worth talking to a doctor.

Speak to a Doctor About Breast Pain

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