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Asthma While Pregnant

It’s difficult to predict what will happen to your asthma symptoms during pregnancy. Some women find their asthma improves, some see their symptoms get worse, while others don’t notice any changes.

Studies suggest you have an equal chance of experiencing any of these outcomes.

If your symptoms do get worse, it’s most likely to happen during your second and third trimester. You’re also more likely to experience increased flare-ups if you already suffer from severe asthma.

It’s important to see a doctor if you’re using your reliever inhaler more than three times a week during your pregnancy.

This suggests that your asthma symptoms aren’t fully under control and a doctor needs to review your treatment.

Our doctors can prescribe a stronger medication that will be safe for you to take while pregnant.

If you suffer an asthma attack, you should respond in exactly the same way as you would normally.

Find out what to do in the event of an asthma attack.

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Is There a Risk to Your Baby?

Your symptoms won’t harm your baby or pose a risk to the pregnancy. However, evidence suggests that if both parents have asthma, it’s more likely that your baby will too.

It’s important to continue taking your asthma medication throughout your pregnancy. Doing so poses no risk to your baby.

Asthma medication is perfectly safe provided you stick to the dosage outlined by your doctor. Avoiding triggers wherever possible will also help keep symptoms under control.

Asthma During Labour and Delivery

Even if your asthma has got worse during your pregnancy, studies suggest that any problems should have died down by week 36. You shouldn’t experience any asthma-related issues when the baby arrives.

It’s unusual for asthma to flare up while you’re giving birth. During labour, your body produces hormones that contain natural steroids that will keep symptoms under control. In the unlikely event you do have trouble breathing or start coughing, it’s safe to use your reliever inhaler. Make sure you keep it close to hand, just in case.

Most forms of pain relief during labour are safe. If you’re worried about your asthma symptoms, talk to a doctor beforehand. Ensure you have a clear plan in place for dealing with your asthma during labour and confirm a preferred form of pain relief.

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