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World Antibiotic Awareness Week

18th - 27th November 2020

This year, antibiotic awareness remains as important as ever. While the 2020 campaign may be scaled back in reflection of challenges posed by COVID-19, there are still some simple steps that can be taken to spread this awareness.

We've compiled our pick of the quickest and easiest resources below, so that you and your practice can continue to spread the word this Antibiotic Awareness Week.



Public awareness

View the most recent Public Health England research into public perception of antibiotics, and help improve your patients' understanding of resistance.

Read report


Review information from WHO about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and COVID-19, which can help explain to patients why they might or might not be prescribed antibiotics.

View infographic

Renew your pledge

Join thousands of others and become an Antibiotic Guardian. Make your pledge to help save antibiotics from becoming obsolete.

Renew pledge

Government toolkit

For more resources, tips and information about how you can help spread awareness, have a read through Public Health England's 2020 guidelines.

Explore toolkit