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Getting a sick note

If you're off sick from work for more than a week, or have missed an exam due to illness, you'll need a sick note (also called a fit note) from a doctor.
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1. Book an appointment

Be seen in minutes, or choose a time that suits you.
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2. See a doctor online

Talk to a GP about your issue face-to-face.
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3. Get your sick note

We can send sick notes directly by email or first-class post.
See a doctor

About sick notes

Getting to the doctors when you’re under the weather can be difficult - so we'll make sure you get your sick note, officially referred to as a fit note, quickly by email or first-class post.

Your employer or institution can verify these directly with us, which means you won't need to do anything else.

Our sick notes include:

  • Recommendations about how and when you'll be able to return to work or education
  • Whether you're able to return to work with amended duties (e.g. no heavy lifting or reduced hours)
  • Suggestions on workplace adaptations that could help with your return to work
  • Detailed advice about managing your medical issue in the workplace
  • Instructions on how your employer or institution can authenticate the validity of the sick note.


Become a member and sick notes are included

As a member, you get discounted appointments, and don't pay extra for sick notes (fit notes). You'll pay £20 per appointment and can talk to a GP for as long as you need.

The Push Doctor membership costs £3 a month via direct debit, or £30 if you pay for a full year.

Become a member

Or pay for a standard appointment

A 10 minute standard appointment with a GP costs £30, and a sick note (fit note) costs £15.

If you need to speak to your GP for longer than 10 minutes, you can extend your appointment for another 10 minutes for £15.

Standard appointment