By Dr Adam Simon

Fresh Air Friday


Looking to get out and about this weekend? You need Fresh Air Friday, our weekly collection of great places to visit that'll help you stay healthy!

April 26th - Tour de Yorkshire

Shift into gear this week with our Tour de Yorkshire themed Fresh Air Friday! This annual sporting event rides through all four corners of Yorkshire, some fabulous locations and we think it's the perfect inspiration to get out about and active in a lovely part of the UK.

With attractive cities, rich history, gorgeous rural areas, national parks and plenty of breathtaking views to embrace, Yorkshire has it all.

Here's 4 of the best spots on the tour, and 4 great places for some active outside inspiration! 

1. The Yorkshire Moors

Thanks to Tour de Yorkshire on Instagram

2. Whitby

Thanks to Tour de Yorkshire on Instagram

3. Haworth in Bradford

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4. The Yorkshire Dales

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If you've been spending weekends inside, then what better time to break the cycle with a bank holiday weekend?


April 21st - Towns & Villages

Escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city this week with our tranquil town and village themed Fresh Air Friday.

Us Brits are famous for our love of small towns and villages. Each one coming complete with it's own unique character, style and history.

If it's taking a stroll through cobbled streets, admiring flower-filled gardens and thatched cottage roofs, wandering around taking in the sights can a great way to get activate and tally up a surprisingly high step count for the day. 

So breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery of one of these four British tranquil towns and villages...

1. Castle Combe Village in Chippenham

Thanks to Jackie on Instagram

2. Shamble Markets, York

Thanks to Niamh Woods on Instagram

3. Cirencester Gloucestershire

Thanks to Lore Belaza on Instagram

4. Shaftesbury in Dorset

Thanks to Rachel Rae Halder on Instagram 

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April 7th - Lakes

Walk down by the river this week with our lake themed Fresh Air Friday. Along the banks of these lakes you will find hidden walkways that lead to picturesque views and places of tranquility.

It's no hidden truth that us Brits don't get enough vitamin D (link to post), so when the weather is as beautiful as it is this weekend, there are no excuses to be made. Soak up the sun, fresh air and ponder the flow of life by one of these four lakes.


1. Serpentine Lake, London

Thanks to Juliet Angus on Instagram

2. Derwentwater, Lake District


Thanks to Rachel on Instagram

3. Loch Shiel, Scotland

Thanks to Nathalia Moran on Instagram

4. Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, Scotland

Thanks to Charlotte Burgan on Instagram

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March 31st - Mountains

Stand on top of the world this week with our mountain themed Fresh Air Friday. Scale to new heights, breathe in the fresh air and gaze over some of the most breath-taking views our country has to offer. We've picked a selection perfect locations to choose from ready in time for the weekend.

4 perfect places you could visit include:

1. An Teallach, Dundonnell, Scotland

Thanks to Emma Louise on Instagram

2. Ingleborough, Yorkshire Dales

Thanks to Sam Flanagan on Instagram

3. Cadair Idris, Gwynedd, Wales

Thanks to Amy Kingston on Instagram

4. Great Gable, Lake District


Thanks to Lauren Robinson on Instagram

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March 24th - The Yorkshire Coast

This week's fresh air inspiration comes in the shape of the marvellous Yorkshire Coast. An outstanding stretch of natural beauty filled with brilliant beaches, charming country villages and more sea air than you can shake a stick at. 

If the scenery and abundance of things to do isn't enough reason to pay this slice of the UK a visit, then how about the fact it can help improve your health? 

4 perfect places you could visit include:

1. Robin Hood's Bay

Thanks to Clairehdyson on Instagram.

2. Staithes

Thanks to Yorkshire_pudding on Instagram

3. Flamborough Head

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4. Whitby

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