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Your body will go through a lot of changes during the course of your pregnancy, many of which can cause discomfort and become a source of worry, especially for first time mums.

Our GPs are here from 7am to 8pm, 7 days a week at the push of a button - giving you access to expert medical advice wherever and whenever you need it.

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How we can help

Our doctors have years’ of experience helping mums-to-be and can provide personalised advice to address any concerns you might have.

We even have child specialists like Dr Kiran Sodha who works as a GP and university clinical tutor in London.

Pregnancy related conditions

Our doctors can provide expert advice and treatment for a wide range of pregnancy-related conditions. Whether it’s a problem like nausea or tiredness, or just a minor worry that’s been weighing on your mind - we can help.

If needed, Push Doctor GPs can provide prescription medication that’s safe for you and your baby or refer you for specialist help to move your treatment on to the next stage.

Anxious about maternity?

As well as physical conditions, our GPs are well-versed in helping mums-to-be tackle the common concerns and worries that many in maternity experience.

Dr Soda

Diet Advice

Eating well is vital to ensuring you have a happy, healthy pregnancy. If you're looking for advice on any aspect of pregnancy nutrition, or you're wondering how to deal with any special dietary requirements during your pregnancy, speak to one of our expert GPs today.


Push Doctor's pregnancy care doesn't end after you've given birth. We're here 7 days a week to help you deal with any concerns or issues you or your newborn encounter.

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