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    Happiness is a goal we all share and your mental health is a vital part of this.

    That’s why we launched our Push for Happiness campaign, to encourage people to look after their mental health. We’ve collected lots of expert advice on how areas such as diet, exercise and speaking up if you need help can contribute to a happier person.

    In November 2017, we surveyed 1,000 UK adults and looked at how, factors such as gender, location, money, relationships, diet, exercise, sleep and work affect happiness.

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    At the most basic level, we can see that 46% of people are happy and 21% of people are unhappy.

    General Happiness stats

    While it’s good to see that there are more happy than unhappy people out there, we’re interested to find out why people feel the way they do. Find out more in the survey.

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    The UK's Happiest Regions

    We know that 46% of people across the UK are happy. But where are the country’s happiest people, and what’s putting them in such a good mood?

    As our map reveals, the North West and Yorkshire are the only regions where over half the people are happy. Meanwhile, the three regions with the lowest percentage of happy people are all found in Southern England.

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