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Should you be training in a fasted state?

In the last few years, training in a ‘fasted state’ has become popular with people looking for more from their workout. You're about to see whether it could work for you.

Nutrition / Mental Health

Focus Foods – How to boost your concentration

If you’ve got a busy day ahead, it’s important to stay focused. By watching what you eat and drink, you could boost your concentration and keep your brain on top form.


Couples Workouts for Valentine's Day : Fitness for 2 in 6

Getting fit is always easier with someone to motivate you. This Valentine’s Day, try these two workouts that we've designed exclusively for couples.

Nutrition / Fitness

6 Nations Special: Why rugby is great for your health

Watchin a 6 Nations rugby match, you might wonder how rugby can be good for your health. Actually, it can be, and we've got the science to prove it!


6 ways being in love will make you healthier this Valentine's Day

It’s that time of year when you’re looking for love or reminding someone special what they mean to you. Here, we’ve looked at six ways falling for someone can make you healthier.

Health / Nutrition

Health myths busted: Is going gluten-free good for you?

When should you follow a gluten-free diet? Are there circumstances where it might actually be a bad idea? We've looked at the health facts you need to know.

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Delicious Recipes To Keep Your Healthy Diet Going. Tastes Good, Does Good.

The biggest issues for people when trying to eat more healthily is making sure there's enough variety in your new diet. These delicious recipes will make things easier.

Health / Diet / Fitness

5 healthy New Year resolutions you can start any day in 2017

Have you ever thought about why your New Year’s resolutions don’t work out? We’re here to help you set realistic goals that you can start working towards today.

Mental Health

Blue Monday: How you can deal with the most depressing day of the year

January 16th is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Here, we’ve looked at ways to deal with depression on a day when people need it most.


7 healthy food swaps you'll actually enjoy

We’ve done a bit of digging and found some healthy swaps that will both help your waistline and keep your meals and snacks exciting.