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Should you get a flu jab this winter?

Flu can put a real dampener on the festive season and many people turn to the flu jab for help. But is it right for you?

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5 easy ways to exercise that you'll actually have time to try

Keeping fit can feel like an uphill battle at times. While we're all busy people, there are plenty of ways to get the exercise you need. You just need to know where to look!

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7 cutting-edge ways to live longer

Growing old is a fact of life - but does it have to be? We investigate 7 cutting-edge ways science is looking to combat aging.

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8 things pregnant women want new dads to know

It's only natural for most of the focus to be on the mother during pregnancy. However, we're here to make sure the dads aren't forgotten about!

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5 early signs of a cold and what you can do about it

Once a cold starts, you can't prevent it. However, there are ways to help manage your symptoms and help your recovery.

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5 ways to trick your kids into eating healthily

Getting your kids to eat more nutritious foods can be a never-ending battle. We’ve put together five tips for smuggling healthy ingredients into their meals.

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Back to basics: Why is good posture important for your health?

Most of us will have childhood memories of being told to ‘stop slouching’ or ‘stand up straight’. But why exactly is it so important?

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Can your diet help prolong your life?

There’s no doubt that we are living longer than our ancestors did, but are we ageing healthily? Dietitian Gemma Sampson investigates.


Why do we need to warm up before exercise?

We all know that warming up before exercise is important, but have you ever really thought about why?

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Baby steps: How to keep fit safely during your pregnancy

Many mums-to-be worry about how much exercise is safe while carrying a child. Find out how to stay active during your pregnancy.