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5 healthy New Year resolutions you can start any day in 2017

Have you ever thought about why your New Year’s resolutions don’t work out? We’re here to help you set realistic goals that you can start working towards today.

Mental Health

Blue Monday: How you can deal with the most depressing day of the year

January 16th is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Here, we’ve looked at ways to deal with depression on a day when people need it most.


7 healthy food swaps you'll actually enjoy

We’ve done a bit of digging and found some healthy swaps that will both help your waistline and keep your meals and snacks exciting.


How to make sure fit defeats fat with High-Intensity Interval Training

If you’re pushed for time and unable to get to the gym regularly, find out why HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) should be your new best friend.


Tempting turkey fajitas you can make at home

If you thought leftover Christmas turkey was only good for sandwiches, allow us to change your mind with these delicious, easy-to-make turkey fajitas!


How to Make Healthy Chocolate Orange Bites

If you’ve spent all year getting fit, you might be worried about giving into temptation over Christmas. These chocolate orange bites provide a healthy, indulgent treat!

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How being by the sea will help your health

Ever wondered why people say the sea air is good for your health? We've looked at the science behind it, and found some of the UK's best seaside retreats.


40 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy (Infographic)

Looking for ways to stay healthy? Here are 40 things you can do today to ensure you stay physically and mentally fit.

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Why fad diets are bullsh*t (and what you should eat instead)

Are you considering a fad diet? Well, stop! We’re here to save you from months of unnecessary suffering. You’ll thank us for it later.

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11 inspiring places to get out and about this winter

Staying physically active during winter can be tough. Here are 11 stunning UK locations that will encourage you to brave the chill and do some exploring.