Pelvic Pain In Pregnancy

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Pain or discomfort in the pelvic region during pregnancy is a fairly common occurrence and you shouldn’t worry unnecessarily if you experience this.

Your body goes through a whole host of changes during pregnancy. Muscles and joints relax as you gear up for labour and your developing baby can put pressure on your pelvic area.

However, in some cases, pelvic discomfort during pregnancy can be a sign that something more serious is going on, so if you’re experiencing this – it’s recommended that you speak to a doctor.

Our GPs can discuss your symptoms, determine possible causes and if necessary, refer you on for further testing or treatment.

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What Causes Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy?

In most cases, pelvic pain is caused by the changes to your body that take place during the course of your pregnancy. Hormones tell your body to relax, making room for the developing baby and getting things ready for when you give birth.

Unfortunately, this can cause issues with the pelvic joints moving out of alignment and while this isn’t usually harmful for your baby, it can be very painful and difficult to deal with.

Some common symptoms include:
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Pain in the pubic bone
  • Pain in the area that separates your vagina and anus
  • Feeling ‘grinding’ or ‘clicking’ in your pelvic area
  • Pain in the thighs.

This pain can often be made worse by various types of movement like walking upstairs, getting in and out of cars and even just walking in severe cases.

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Treating Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

It’s important to get your pelvic pain diagnosed as soon as you start experiencing it, since tackling it early can help keep it to a minimum as your pregnancy progresses.

There’s a range of potential treatments that can help ease the pain, improve the stability of your joints and strengthen the function of the muscles.

If you’ve noticed pelvic pain develop during the course of your pregnancy, don’t delay – talk to a doctor now.

Our GPs can diagnose the potential causes and determine the best course of treatment to ensure you have enjoy a comfortable pregnancy.

Speak to a Doctor About Pelvic Pain

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