Muscle Cramps in Pregnancy


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Around half of mums-to-be will experience cramps in their muscles during the course of their pregnancy, with the leg and calf muscles most commonly affected.

These occur when muscles involuntarily contract and tend to happen suddenly and usually at night.

Since cramps are a side-effect of the physical changes your body goes through during pregnancy, there’s no way to completely eliminate them. However, there are a range of practical steps you can take to minimise their effects.

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What Causes Muscle Cramps in Pregnancy?

Most women will put on a bit of weight as their pregnancy progresses, and when combined with the physical changes taking place to accommodate your growing baby, this can put an increased strain your muscles.

Similarly, cramps can be caused or worsened by the demands of your developing foetus, which will take increasing amounts of nutrients from your system, leaving you short of essentials like calcium, magnesium and salts.

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Treating Cramps During Pregnancy

Cramps aren’t usually anything to worry about and should clear up as your body starts to return to normal following childbirth.

However, there’s a range of ways to relieve them, such as stretching exercises, maintaining the right posture while sitting or standing, and taking a warm bath before bed.

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