Joint Pain During Pregnancy

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Why do you get joint pain?

Your body is subject to a whole host of changes during the course of your pregnancy and some of these can put intense strain on your muscles and joints.

Lots of mums-to-be will experience stiffness and soreness in their knees, legs and hips which is sometimes called sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SI Joint Pain) also pain in the elbows, hands and fingers.

While not usually serious, joint pain in pregnancy can be hard to deal with, so if you’re experiencing any problems, it’s recommended you talk to a doctor.

Our GPs can discuss your symptoms and provide expert advice on managing them properly to ensure a happy, comfortable pregnancy.

Talk to a Doctor About Joint Pain
Joint Pain During Pregnancy
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What Causes Joint Pain During Pregnancy?

All expectant mums will experience weight gain to some degree during pregnancy and this can put increasing pressure on your joints as your maternity progresses.

Similarly, many pregnant women will retain more water in extremities like their hands, ankles and sometimes even fingers. This can make it harder to flex these joints and in severe cases, can even cause carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrists and hands.

In some rare cases, sore joints can be a sign of exposure to the parvovirus (also known as ‘slapped cheek syndrome’ and ‘fifth disease’). This can lead to an increased risk of birth defects and miscarriage.

If you’ve been exposed to someone with the condition, even if you’ve not developed a rash yourself, it’s highly recommended you see a doctor, since it can pose serious risks.

Talk to a Doctor About Joint Pain

Treating Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Most mums-to-be are able to treat their joint pain with over-the-counter painkillers and some find low-intensity exercise like yoga, or complementary therapies like acupuncture to be of use.

If you’re worried about joint pain, or are experiencing it alongside other, troubling symptoms - don’t delay, speak to a doctor today: Speak to a Doctor About Joint Pain
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