Vaginal Swelling and Irritation in Pregnancy

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Vaginal swelling, inflammation, itchiness and even changes in colour are all common during pregnancy and while you shouldn’t worry unnecessarily, it’s usually worth getting checked out.

There can be a range of causes, from increased blood flow in the area to rising hormones and even reacting badly to certain cleaning products.

Lots of mums-to-be worry that this may be occurring due to sex, something they’ve done wrong or is a sign of a serious problem with themselves or their developing baby.

Since there can be such a wide variety of causes, if you’re experiencing any vaginal problems during the course of your pregnancy, it’s recommended that you talk to a doctor.

Our GPs can talk through your symptoms, examine the affected area and recommend the appropriate treatment, depending on the cause of the issue.

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What Causes Vaginal Inflammation During Pregnancy?

There’s such a wide range of possible causes that it’s hard to list them all. However, some of the most common reasons behind inflammation include:

Infections: The changes your body goes through can make your vaginal region especially attractive to bacteria and fungi, which can breed and cause a variety of issues.

Not cleaning properly: Failure to maintain proper vaginal hygiene can lead to microbial growth, leading to inflammation.

Reacting to cleaning products: Pregnancy can heighten your sensitivity to allergens, which can cause an adverse reaction to certain cleaning products – even ones you may have never had any trouble with before.

Cysts: The presence of these growths can cause the vulva and vaginal region to become infected, which can lead to itching and abnormal fluid discharge. Cysts may also indicate the presence of cancer.

Sexually transmitted diseases: Diseases like gonorrhoea can cause inflammation, as well as a range of other unpleasant symptoms.

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Treating vaginal swelling and irritation during pregnancy

Since there’s such a wide range of issues that can cause vaginal inflammation and swelling, there are a range of potential treatments.

These can range from reducing the symptoms with home remedies to a course of medication to clear up fungal or bacterial infections.

It’s vital to keep your vagina clean throughout your pregnancy and avoid scratching if you do notice any swelling or changes to the surrounding skin, since this can spread the infection.

If you’re worried about vaginal irritation during the course of your pregnancy, don’t delay – talk to a doctor today.

Our GPs have a wealth of experience treating mums-to-be and can provide tailored advice on what might be causing the issue and an effective, safe course of treatment.

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