Gynaecological Problems During Pregnancy

See a doctor

Your body will go through a wide range of changes during the course of your pregnancy as hormone levels rise and your baby develops.

It’s important to monitor your vaginal health throughout your maternity, since some problems can pose a risk to both mother and baby.

However, gynaecological changes are to be expected on the path to motherhood and it’s perfectly normal for your body to go through a range of adjustments.

If you’re worried about your gynaecological health, don’t feel embarrassed – talk to a doctor today.

Our GPs have a wealth of experience treating mothers-to-be and can provide tailored advice and treatment recommendations.

Talk to a Doctor About Gynaecological Problems

It’s normal for most expecting mothers to experience minor gynaecological issues during their pregnancy and these aren’t always cause for alarm.

However, you should talk to a doctor if you experience discomfort. Our doctors are available from 7am until 8pm every day to discuss your symptoms, suggest treatment and give you the peace of mind you need.

Video consultations can take place in the comfort of your own home using a smartphone, tablet or desktop device. Your appointment is completely private and secure, and no footage is stored once you have finished talking to the doctor.

It’s important to discuss any medication before taking it, in order to make sure it’s safe for both you and your baby. This includes over-the-counter medications, which may pose a risk to your unborn child.