Ear Problems During Pregnancy

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Your body will be flooded with hormones during pregnancy, which causes a range of physical changes to take place to accommodate your developing baby.

Most of these are merely inconvenient. However, in some cases, your ears may be adversely affected by the adjustments taking place.

If you’re experiencing ear problems during the course of your pregnancy, talk to a doctor and get them sorted today.

Our GPs can discuss your symptoms, examine your ears for signs of problems and advise on earache relief and how to treat them in a way that’s safe for you and your baby.

Speak to a Doctor About Ear Problems

Common Ear Problems in Pregnancy

Ear infections: Being pregnant makes you more susceptible to developing ear infections, caused either by viruses or bacteria. This can cause swelling, redness and in the most serious cases, temporary hearing loss.

Tinnitus: This causes you to experience a ringing, buzzing or hissing noise in your ear and pregnant women are at greater risk of developing the condition. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the severity of these symptoms and tinnitus tends to fade after you’ve given birth and your body starts returning to normal.

Blocked or stuffy ears: Excess fluid build-up can lead to blocked ears during pregnancy or feelings of pressure, like you get when you’re travelling on a plane. While not usually serious, this can be really annoying for mums-to-be.

Talk to a Doctor About Ear Problems

Treating Ear Problems During Pregnancy

There are a range of ways to tackle ear problems among expectant mums, so if you’re experiencing any issues with your ears, don’t delay – speak to a doctor today.

Our GPs can provide tailored advice on treatments that are perfectly safe for both you and your baby.


See a Doctor About Ear Problems

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