Haemorrhoids During Pregnancy

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Haemorrhoids are one of the most common issues affecting mothers-to-be during pregnancy.

Also known as ‘piles’ – this condition crops up in more than half of all pregnant women, causing a range of unpleasant symptoms.

If you’re experiencing haemorrhoids during your pregnancy, speak to a doctor for practical advice on treating and preventing them.


Speak to a Doctor About Haemorrhoids

What Causes Haemorrhoids During Pregnancy?

Haemorrhoids are caused by blood vessels in and around the anus becoming swollen, which can be very painful, itchy and uncomfortable.

They’re either classed as ‘external’ or ‘internal’ depending on whether they crop up outside the anus or within the rectum.

Haemorrhoids typically occur during the last two trimesters of pregnancy and can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Veins in the area relaxing due to hormonal changes
  • Increased blood flow in the area
  • The growth of the baby putting pressure on your body
  • Straining when going to the toilet, especially due to constipation
  • Sitting down for long periods of time
Talk to a Doctor About Haemorrhoids

Treating Haemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Fortunately, haemorrhoids are fairly straightforward to identify and treat. However, special considerations usually have to be taken, since pregnancy can be such a delicate time.

A doctor will be able to recommend topical creams that can ease the symptoms, as well as a number of steps you can take to prevent them cropping up.

If you’ve developed haemorrhoids during pregnancy or are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, don’t delay – talk to a GP today.

Our doctors can talk through your symptoms and advise on how to ease them in the short-term and prevent further instances from occurring.

See a Doctor About Haemorrhoids

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