Allergies and Skin Conditions

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It’s really common for mothers-to-be to experience allergies and skin problems during pregnancy – even if they’ve never experienced them before.

Changes in your body are to be expected as it becomes flooded with hormones and your immune system takes a hit due to the developing baby.

Our doctors can provide advice, practical guidance and if needed, prescription medication to help you deal with allergies and skin problems without any adverse effects on your baby.

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allergies and skin conditions

Every pregnancy is different. Some mothers-to-be may find they don’t suffer from allergies or skin problems, while others who haven’t experienced either before become more susceptible to them.

Fortunately, most of the allergies and skin changes you’ll experience during pregnancy will fade after you’ve given birth and few will leave any lasting damage. Allergies and skin conditions that occur during pregnancy tend to be quite simple to treat and a range of medications can be used that won’t adversely affect your developing baby.

It’s important to talk to your GP about new or existing allergies or skin problems, since some medicines aren’t suitable for pregnant women and you may need a different drug to the one you’d usually take.

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