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Smoking is one of the worst vices, with around 40% of smokers dying from a condition caused by this bad habit.

Quitting smoking will drastically lower your risk of suffering from heart problems and cancer, as well as providing a range of improvements to your overall health.

If you want to quit smoking, but aren’t sure where to start - talk to one of our GPs today.

Our doctors can advise you on the best methods for stopping and if needed, can prescribe medication to help you kick the habit.

See a Doctor About Quitting Smoking

Why Should You Stop Smoking?

Smoking increases your chances of developing various types of cancer, heart problems and breathing issues.

It’ll also drastically decrease your lung capacity, cause wrinkles and saggy skin to develop more quickly and can make existing conditions like asthma much harder to cope with.

If that’s not enough, quitting smoking will save you a lot of money and prevent those around you from suffering the effects of second-hand smoke.

Talk to a Doctor About Quitting Smoking

Ways to Quit Smoking

Most people aren’t aware that a GP can help you to kick the habit. Doctors are able to provide expert advice, prescribe therapies to wean you off nicotine and if necessary, set you on a course of drugs to aid your quitting efforts.

Medication alone won’t win the battle for you, however, and you’ll need commitment and willpower to finally stop smoking once and for all.

Here's a few tips to get you started:

  • Get advice before quitting - friends, family and doctors can all help
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking triggers
  • Find a motivation or reason to stop
  • Clean your house and clothes of the smell
  • Learn about prescription medication that can help from one of our online doctors

If you’re looking for professional help with quitting smoking, simply hit the button below to talk to a doctor online now:

See a Doctor About Quitting Smoking

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