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You don't need to travel to the walk-in centre in Dewsbury. Try Push Doctor instead.

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    Dewsbury town centre

    How Push Doctor serves Dewsbury

    Dewsbury is located in the heart of West Yorkshire and is home to almost 63,000 people. That can mean long wait times when it comes to getting a doctor’s appointment.

    With Push Doctor, there’s no need to hang around. You can see a GP in minutes, from your mobile phone, laptop or computer.

    Our doctors are all NHS-trained and work in NHS or private clinics day-to-day. They can give you expert medical advice over a video-consultation at a time that suits you.

    No waiting, no worrying.

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    Our doctors can treat almost everything your own GP can, including:

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    You can see a doctor in minutes, and get the medical advice and help that you need.

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      Delivered to a pharmacy of your choice.

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      No need to visit a clinic

      See a UK based GP from your own home.

    Here are some of our best reviews

    Dewsbury walk-in centre

    If you still need to find a walk-in centre in Dewsbury, the local walk-in centre is located within the A&E department at Dewsbury and District Hospital. To book in, you just need to go to the A&E reception.

    Address: Halifax Road, Dewsbury, WF13 4HS

    Tel: 01924 542695

    Opening times:

    Monday - Friday: 9am - 8pm

    Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays: 10am - 6pm


    Dewsbury pharmacy

    Dewsbury Pharmacy is located really near to the walk-in centre. It’s open 7 days a week, till late, so is a convenient choice to pick up your medication.

    Address: Healds Road Medical Centre, Healds Road, Dewsbury, WF13 4HT

    Tel: 01924 454930

    Opening times:

    Monday - Thursday: 8am - 11pm

    Friday: 8am - 12am

    Saturday and Sunday: 8.30am - 9pm