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    These additional Terms apply to NHS-FUNDED PATIENTS of Push Doctor ONLY. If you are using Push Doctor as a private (self-funded) patient, please see our separate Terms and Conditions for private (self-funded) patients. These Terms are additional to and should be read in conjunction with Push Doctor’s Core Terms of Use for all users.


    We offer NHS services in the form of providing primary care services, like those you would receive through your GP. These services are commissioned by NHS England and (where delegated) by Clinical Commissioning Groups (“CCGs”) on their behalf.




    The Push Doctor NHS Service is available to NHS patients who are registered with designated GP practices who have agreed to work with Push Doctor as a digital service provider.  Such patients are able to access certain primary care services (which are normally available to them via their GP practice) in real-time via their Device. NHS Patients will receive the relevant Services offered to NHS Patients at no charge whilst they meet the criteria set out below.


    In order to access the Push Doctor Services as an NHS Patient you must be:

    • registered as an NHS Patient at a practice operated by a primary care organisation which offers access to Push Doctor as part of its primary care service offering (please check with your practice first if you are unsure);
    • accept the Push Doctor Terms and Conditions; and
    • provide all required information to be set up as a user of Push Doctor services online through your Account.


    (together the “NHS Eligibility Criteria”).



    If as an NHS Patient you elect to move from a GP practice which offers Push Doctor services to register with a GP practice which does not have an appropriate arrangement with us, you will no longer be able to access the Push Doctor services as an NHS Patient from that point and you would need to register as a private patient to continue to receive access to the Platform.





    What Services do we offer NHS patients? Push Doctor enables you to connect online, in real time (via streaming video, chat, instant messaging and picture messaging) to participating doctors (“Practitioners”) via the Platform when you are in the United Kingdom (i.e. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). If you are accessing the Platform as an NHS Patient, you can do this as part of your NHS care. Each of the Practitioners is registered with the UK General Medical Council (www.gmc-uk.org) (“GMC”) and is an independent medical professional who is individually responsible for the medical advice that they offer to you via the Platform.


    You can use the Platform in order to:









    By using the Platform you understand and accept that the NHS Services are not a replacement for the full range of services provided by the NHS or your local GP practice where you are registered and that the NHS Services provided to NHS users may not be the same as the Services provided to private (self-funded) patients. You may also still access your NHS primary care services through your local GP practice which you are registered with as well as accessing the elements which are specified as NHS Services through the Platform.


    This is because not all features of the Platform will be funded as part of the NHS Services. If an element of the Services will not be funded by the NHS, we will explicitly state this on the Platform. If any service is not available to you through the NHS Services on the Platform, you should discuss this with your local GP practice.


    Number and length of Appointments.  You can book an Appointment in ten minute blocks of time (each a “Session”).  If, at the time of booking your Appointment, you have multiple (non-related) issues that you wish to discuss with the Practitioner, you should book an Appointment for each of the issues.  If, at the start of a consultation, it becomes apparent that you have multiple issues that you wish to discuss with the Practitioner, the Practitioner will advise you that they can only deal with one issue during the ten minute Appointment and you will be required to book another Appointment for any other outstanding issues that you wish to discuss (in the same way that you would be required to do at your GP practice).  If, during your Appointment, it becomes apparent that your consultation (in relation to one or multiple related issues) is going to take longer than the ten minute Appointment that you have booked, you can choose to continue with the consultation until both you and the Practitioner are satisfied that the consultation has been completed.

    We automatically share your medical information with your NHS GP to comply with the requirements of the GMC.




    If you meet the NHS Eligibility Criteria then prescriptions provided on the Platform by our Practitioners will be NHS-funded prescriptions.


    Our NHS Services are provided by Practitioners who are qualified doctors registered with the GMC who are permitted to prescribe medicines without meeting you face to face. You may also be asked to upload pictures to the Platform in order for the Practitioner to make the best possible diagnosis and for safety purposes.


    All our Practitioners who provide prescriptions through the Platform have undertaken to comply with the GMC Guidelines on remote prescribing, essential standards of quality and safety as enforced by the Care Quality Commission as set out at http://www.gmc-uk.org and http://www.cqc.org.uk.


    Dispensing chemists are not part of Push Doctor and, to the extent permitted by law, we disclaim responsibility for their acts and omissions. 


    Any reference to a ‘prescription’ shall be deemed to apply to repeat prescriptions where applicable.


    Your prescription will be issued through the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (“EPS”) in the same way it would be at your local GP practice. The EPS makes it possible for your prescriptions to be sent electronically to the pharmacy or dispenser of your choice.


    Any prescription that you receive via the Platform is only valid for use at legal UK pharmacies. You understand and agree that any prescriptions you acquire via the Platform are solely for your personal use. You agree to carefully read all information provided to you and to follow the instructions provided by the Practitioner(s), on the prescription(s) itself/themselves and the instructions on the label applied by the pharmacy prior to taking any of the prescribed medicines.


    You also agree to contact a Practitioner, another doctor or a pharmacist if you have any questions about prescribed medicines or do not fully understand the reasons you have been prescribed any prescribed medicine or the instructions related to the prescribed medicine.





    In the case of a referral letter, you understand and accept we cannot be held responsible either financially or medically if your referral is declined. You understand and accept that you have given a full and accurate history to your doctor and have not withheld any information that you feel may be relevant to your referral or may affect the chance your referral may be accepted. NHS referrals are always subject to the local availability of funding and CCG procedures and policies, for which Push Doctor accepts no responsibility.