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Normally used to treat seizures, gabapentin can also treat pain in your nerves.

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If you’re still feeling discomfort after an old injury has cleared up, there’s a chance that gabapentin could provide relief for your symptoms while you try to identify the underlying cause.

Our doctors can discuss your issue and decide if gabapentin is the best treatment option.

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Gabapentin Dosage

Gabapentin may be prescribed as tablets or a liquid. Some forms of the drug are most effective when taken with food, so ask your doctor about this.

With so many different products available that contain gabapentin, you should take your medicine exactly as instructed by your doctor. Don’t change your dosage without consulting your doctor, or stop taking your gabapentin before the full course of treatment is done. Stopping abruptly is dangerous, as it may cause seizures.

If you accidentally miss a dose, you should take it when you remember, unless it’s almost time for your next dose. You should never take a double dose of gabapentin, as this will increase your chances of side effects.

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What Are The Side Effects of Gabapentin?

If you’re taking gabapentin, you might get side effects such as:

However, there’s also a chance you might notice some more serious side effects. Tell your doctor right away if you experience any of the following, as it may mean gabapentin isn’t suitable for you:

In rare cases, gabapentin can cause an allergic reaction. If you notice swelling around your face, lips and neck, or you’re having trouble breathing, it’s very important that you call for emergency medical help straight away.

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Things To Avoid

Before prescribing gabapentin, your doctor needs to know if you’ve previously suffered from:

  • Kidney problems
  • Liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • A history of drug abuse
  • Epilepsy

Any doctor you see needs to know if you’re taking gabapentin, as this may affect how they treat any other medical problems you’re having.

Some drugs, such as antacids, will make gabapentin harder to absorb into your system, making it less effective. You shouldn’t take antacids less than two hours before or after taking gabapentin.

Can You Drink Alcohol When You’re On Gabapentin?

It’s recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol while you’re taking gabapentin. Doing so can make side effects worse, such as dizziness and drowsiness.

Alcohol is also a depressant, so you should avoid mixing it with drugs where low mood is a possible side effect.

Is It Safe To Take Gabapentin During Pregnancy?

There have been no conclusive studies into the effects of gabapentin on unborn babies, so you shouldn’t take the risk. Tell your doctor if you’re pregnant, or planning to start a family.

Gabapentin is known to pass into breast milk and can be harmful for a baby. If you’re breastfeeding, let your doctor know so that they can find a more suitable medicine.

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Gabapentin and pregnancy

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If you’re experiencing chronic nerve pain after an injury, gabapentin might help you keep it under control. Speak to one of our doctors about your symptoms - if you need a prescription, they can write you one straight away that you’ll be able to pick up from your nearest pharmacy.

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