Anti-inflammatory Drugs

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Anti-inflammatory drugs are a type of medication used to treat a wide range of medical conditions that cause inflammation (swelling).

Some of the most common conditions these are used for include:

If you’re suffering from an condition that causes painful inflammation and are wondering what anti-inflammatory drug would be best to treat it - see one of our doctors online now.

Our GPs can talk through your symptoms, examine areas affected by the condition and if needed, prescribe medication to help relieve your symptoms.

Some of the most common anti-inflammatory drugs include:



It's important to let your doctor know if you're taking any medications for another condition before starting on a course of anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatory medication can react in a variety of ways with a range of other medicine, which can lead to harmful effects.

If you're on a course of anti-inflammatories and are experiencing any worrying side effects, you should speak to a doctor as soon as possible.