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Our suite of products provides NHS GP surgeries, hospitals, PCNs, CCGs and Trusts with the software and platform they need to enable remote consultations in a variety of care settings

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We've been leading the way in digital healthcare since 2013.

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What we can do for you

Satisfy demand

Create more appointments and satisfy demand with Digital Locums that can be scheduled where needed to support

Manage workflow

Retain control and keep down wait times through digital consultations, full triage support and appointment management

Increase patient satisfaction

Give your patients more choice and flexibility than ever before by offering a more accessible, whilst decreasing waiting times

Reduce GP burnout

More flexibility for GPs, reducing stress and giving them more control of their work life balance

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What does the set up process for using Push Doctor products and solutions look like?

In order to get you on-boarded as a Push Doctor partner, we'll need the following information; surgery name, address, ODS code and clinical system type (e.g EMIS/S1). We will also ask about configuration information, such as if you want to take a patient led or practice led approach, what your intended opening times and days are for video consultations, and a schedule of which clinicians will be consulting and their session times.

What information will you need about our clinicians if we use the platform?

For your clinicians to begin using the Push Doctor platform and software, we will need their name, DOB, mobile phone number, email address and GMC number. Their mobile phone number will be used to sign into the account securely once created.

How does it work for our patients?

Patients will see availability for digital appointments using the Push Doctor app and can book an appointment that suits them. You also have the option to book appointments on your patients' behalf. We'll confirm any bookings and remind the patient when their appointment is due to begin. We make sure the patient is connected and set up ready for their appointment and will give them live updates of their position in the queue before they are connected to your clinician..

Who are the doctors our patients would see for the Digital Locum solution?

All of our UK GPs are trained in the NHS and registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), the organisation responsible for overseeing medical practitioners in the UK.

They’re experienced in treating a wide range of conditions, and can help with almost everything a regular GP could in a physical surgery.

What are the device requirements for clinicians wanting to use Push Consult?

All clinicians using Push Consult will need a PC or laptop with a webcam and microphone. We recommend a minimum of Windows 10, i3 processor and at least 4GB RAM. We advise against using a Chromebook. Regarding minimum connection requirements, we recommend 10 mbps download speed, 5 mbps per second upload speed and below 50 ping/latency.

How do we invite patients for a digital consultation?

You can invite your patients to use the service and manage patient demand using our portal. Each member of your staff will be able to check availability and then send an sms invite to the patient. Through the portal you will also be able to view all bookings as well as monitor which appointments have been completed, cancelled or missed.