How do I get referral letters and fit notes?

You first need to have a consultation with one of our GPs. Appointments are available in minutes and you’ll get your letter in an email after your appointment, if suitable.

How much is it?

For members, referral letters and fit notes are included in the £3 monthly fee so you’ll only pay the discounted £20 appointment cost.

For non-members, they cost £15 in addition to the £30 appointment cost.

Getting a referral

The GP will speak to you about your symptoms to make sure you get referred to the correct type of specialist, if suitable.

You’ll then receive your referral letter in an email following your consultation.

Getting a fit note

The GP will discuss your symptoms and, where appropriate, issue a fit note (sick note).

We’re able to issue backdated fit notes for up to two weeks, and a note can sign you off for up to four weeks.

You’ll receive your fit note in an email after your consultation.

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