How do I have my appointment?

Booking a consultation takes minutes. Just select a time that suits you, create your account and add your card details to pay for your appointment.

Entering your appointment

You can have your consultation in our app, or on the website using your computer. Make sure you sit somewhere private, quiet and with good lighting.

To enter your appointment, sign into your account and enter the virtual waiting room.

Here, you’ll be asked to confirm some personal details and prompted to test your microphone and camera before it starts. Have your ID ready as the GP may ask to see it.

Seeing the doctor

In the consultation, the GP will ask about your symptoms and can take a look at any affected areas.

If medically appropriate, our GPs can issue prescriptions, sick notes (fit notes) and referrals where appropriate.

Extending your appointment

Each appointment is 10 minutes long. If you’re a member, you can continue into an additional 10 minutes for free.

As a non-member, you can extend your appointment for an extra £15. Don’t worry, you’ll get a warning on your screen when your 10 minute appointment is nearing its end.

Book an appointment