How can a doctor treat me online?

You’ll see one of our NHS-trained UK GPs over a video consultation. Just like in a physical consultation, the doctor will discuss your symptoms, and if relevant, any medical history.

They can also take a look at affected areas, for example if you have a rash.

Don’t worry, the doctor sits in a private consultation room to ensure you get the same privacy as in your regular surgery.

Can they treat me?

Most conditions GPs treat can be dealt with online, as physical examinations aren’t required. Because of this, 9/10 of our patients get the help they need online.

If you need tests or to see a specialist, we can refer you.

Getting my prescription or fit note

If you get prescribed medication, we can send your prescription to a local pharmacy within an hour. Where a fit note (sick note) is needed, the GP can send you one by email or first class post after the consultation.

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